Bad Laws

In the the spirit of the DMCA passed by the US Congress, France and the EU are about to pass some terrible draconian laws. Projects like VLC are in potential danger; and by extension, all free/open source software will be criminalized.

Cory Doctorow blogged about it. is organizing a petition and providing info to the world.

Miami in the news

The guardian has an article on Miami and some post-ArtBasel reflections. It, of course, refers to Miami has ‘the city that coke built’–a Miami New times reference. The article focuses on Miami as a host city for culture. At CIFO, Manny Diaz said that was one of his goals. Well, here some international press confirming it.

This is a similar article; the noteworthy parts being, Robert Rauschenberg and Alain Robbe-Grillet was in town, Raleigh Hotel parties and a quote:

There were many events outside the Convention Centre. The most moving work I saw was at Miami Art Central, a museum set among Spanish-style bungalows in the suburbs. Here they were showing William Kentridge, a South African artist who does brilliant charcoal drawings that he works into disturbing films. I thought that these genuinely caught some of the horror and pain of the late 20th century.