the whitney biennial

I really enjoy the show; works by Leslie Hewitt, Rashawn Griffin, Amanda Ross-Ho, John Baldessari, Walead Beshty, Ellen Harvey, William Cordova, Heather Rowe, Rachel Harrison, Rita Ackerman, DJ Olive, Gardar Einarsson, Louise Lawler, Olaf Breuning, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Neighborhood Public Radio and Michael Queenland were especially memorable.

There is plenty of blog (flickr), magazine and newpaper coverage.

our nyc trip

We had a great time in New York City. It was great to see and be with family, friends (old and new) and all the nice folks moving about the city. The whitney events were fun and meeting some of the artists in the show was a bonus.

We stayed in Greenpoint, a polish neighborhood.

greenpoint greenpoint greenpoint greenpoint

lower eastside Kate Spade borrows from Frances Trombly soho Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray Elizabeth Murray chelsea moma

subway mosaics central park central park greenpoint

new york city

I was in New York City, last Wednesday, to install my work at the Whitney Museum.  The weather wasn’t too mean (38 high and 20 low).  It was uncomfortable but not untolerable.  I got to see my first snow; it was from last week’s storm.

So, I am happy with the show.

Tomorrow, we head to new york city for the opening of the Whitney Biennial, to see some friends and to see some art.  It should be fun.  So stay tuned.

Last saturday’s wynwood’n

We went out to see William O’brien’s works at World Class Boxing. We really enjoy the sculptures, which are not just the ceramic masks; the pedestals, with their unrefined edges and details, are made by O’brien. And his drawings installation are offers complexity, playfulness and a snapshot into O’brien’s day-to-day studio activities.

We also went to see some works at UM projects space, Snitzer, gallery Diet and 2020. We missed Dorsch.

Here are some images.

William O’brien William O’brien William O’brien William O’brien William O’brien William O’brien


um um um

gallery diet

Criticalmiami has a relevant post. We dont have images of Sean Dack’s show; but here is one from his blog.

And then the ride home.

img_0906_1.jpg img_0896_1.jpg img_0915_1.jpg

internet item of the day

So after we saw “la Science des Reves“, the director’s commentary and the extra stuff on the dvd, we made favorable remarks about the actors and the director. It was pleasant to see Gael García Bernal, since Amores Perros and Charlotte Gainsbourg, whom I have never seen act but enjoyed her music.
Michel Gondry was especially funny and endearing. Revisit the extra footages on the dvd, it’s worth it.

His upcoming movie is called “Be Kind Rewind“, with Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover et al. The official trailer.

Here is Michel Gondry’s trailer.

a ‘post-racial’ america

I think there is a generational and cultural to this idea. But politically, one can forget about this. History, power and race will always influence politics.

Daniel Schorr’s analysis.

Talk of the Nation hosts a forum (Michel Martin, host of NPR’s Tell Me More; Keli Goff, author of Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence; Michael Fauntroy, assistant professor of public policy at George Mason University; author of Republicans and the Black Vote; Raymond Winbush, director of the Institute for Urban Affairs at Morgan State University)

, held at Morgan State University, on Obama, black voters and a potential black presidency in america.


Ripped from the internet:

2008: THE YEAR OF 1968

The year has only just begun, but the European feuilletons are already indicating that 2008 will be a year of looking back—and celebrating—the political upheavals that rocked the world in 1968, from the Prague Spring to the Paris riots. Die Welt kicks off the trend by publishing articles—both historical and contemporary—to mark the fortieth anniversary of the events of 1968. The first installment in this ongoing series of “retro politics”: The international Cultural Congress of Havana, which took place in Cuba in January 1968. More than 450 intellectuals—including Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, British historian Eric Hobsbawm, French philosopher André Gorz, and West German philosopher Hans Magnus Enzensberger—gathered in solidarity with the “freedom movements” around the world and to protest “US imperialism.” Fidel Castro gave an hour-long speech under an image of Che Guevara, who had been executed just three months prior in Bolivia. The exhibitions are surely soon to follow.