Saturday edition

We listen to a lot of radio around here. We don’t watch tv at home, we primarily do Netflix and the library. Television is too expensive really and besides, I want to get tv à la carte.
< dream > I want about 5 or 6 channels and want to pay about $10 a month. I want to be able to switch those 5-6 channels from the pool of avaliable channels and I want this as part of an open DVR package. For no more than $10 a month. < /dream >

Until that happens, radio will continue to be dominant aroung here. I am not sure how dominant radio is really. We mainly listen to WLRN, our local NPR affiliate. I also listen to some of University of Miami‘s, WVUM; but the current wvum-DJs are just too young. Some of them sounds like that they have just discovered Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. And they just talk about crap like being too tired from partying. And times, they play the same music day after day. They also missed their own shows, and so, a tape show is played. Sometimes, the same tape show is played several times a day for sereral months. Yeah, wvum can be a bit annoying.

Saturday is good day for radio, though. The highlight of the saturday line-up is Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, WaitWait…Don’t Tell Me, Marketplace: Money, Weekend America, On the Media, A Prarie Home Companion and Weekend Jazz. It’s a lot of listening, but listening is developable skill.