UNIA in California

UNIA Division 156 of Los Angeles was part of a general spread of Garveyism between 1920 and 1921. According to UNIA parent body records recently uncovered in New York City, by 1926 there were sixteen divisions and chapters of the UNIA in California.

Source: Emory Tolbert, The UNIA and Black Los Angeles: Ideology and Community in the American Garvey Movement (Los Angeles, 1980), pp. 57-58, 53.

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Michelle Obama at Democratic National Convention 2016 in Philadelphia



our motto is, when they go low, we go high.

I want a leader who is worthy of that truth, a leader who is worthy of my girls’ promise and all our kids’ promise, a leader who will be guided every day by the love and hope and impossibly big dreams that we all have for our children.

Brexit is on

On the EU Referendum

Leave – 52% Remain – 48%


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Democrats in The United States House of Representatives sit-in.
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on December 7, 1964, London

Democracy Now! and Pacifica Radio Archives aired a newly discovered recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on December 7, 1964. King, invited by Christian Action, spoke at City Temple Hall, London, on his way to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Brian DeShazor of Pacifica Radio narrates its finding from their archive and some context for the recording.