Robert Smithson

les moulins de paillard ? centre d’art contemporain 2013

Slant Piece, Conceived 1969, reconstructed 1976
Mirror and rock salt.Slant Piece is a reconstruction of a Mirror Displacement piece from Smithson’s Cayuga Salt Mine Project of 1968-69.
AMAM. Audio.

Mirror-Travels: Robert Smithson and History by Jennifer L. Roberts. Review.

Art + Ecology: Land Reclamation by Leslie A. Ryan

Felicity Colman on Smithson.

Sebald – Smithson (Ruins (2011), edited by Brian Dillon, of the Documents of Contemporary Art series)

Excerpt of Passaic.

Brexit is on

On the EU Referendum

Leave – 52% Remain – 48%


Felix Salmon. The Economist.


Democrats in The United States House of Representatives sit-in.
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