parents reward effective arguments

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Allen says almost all parents and teenagers argue. But it’s the quality of the arguments that makes all the difference.

“We tell parents to think of those arguments not as nuisance but as a critical training ground,” he says. Such arguments, he says, are actually mini life lessons in how to disagree — a necessary skill later on in life with partners, friends and colleagues on the job.

Teens should be rewarded when arguing calmly and persuasively and not when they indulge in yelling, whining, threats or insults, he says.

In Allen’s study, 157 13-year-olds were videotaped describing their biggest disagreement with their parents. The most common arguments were over grades, chores, money and friends. The tape was then played for both parent and teen.

And so.

Effective arguing acted as something of an inoculation against negative peer pressure. Kids who felt confident to express themselves to their parents also felt confident being honest with their friends.

The Leader Of Hip-Hop’s Tea Party Movement : NPR

Jay Smooth on Waka:

Waka Flocka Flame simply shouts the simplest couplets imaginable at the top of his lungs, often mixed with wordless grunts and growls and screams over a beat that sounds like the marching band that would come with the four horsemen of the apocalypse as they destroy the earth.

story. transcript.  ‘Hard in da Paint’ is produced by Lex Luger.

What will you listen to, during the apocalypse?

Haiti seats on major regional faults

Haiti’s First Major Quake In Two Centuries

The second fault system on Hispaniola runs mainly on the eastern end of the island, in the Dominican Republic. That Septentrional fault system hasn’t experienced a major quake for more than 800 years, but it holds the potential for producing another devastating quake — quite possibly larger than the one that struck Haiti on Tuesday.