The Heat

So the Heat are seating pretty, waiting for either the Cleveland Cavaliers or The Detroits Pistons. I think playing Detroit will be tough. If the Heat beats them, they might win the whole thing. I would love to see Lebron and Company(Cleveland) advance, but I think we can beat them in 5 games.

The Split (Wade passes in between Kidd and Carter)
heat - nets 2006

Being lighter than a feather(The Glove(Gary Payton) is still in the air). heat - nets 2006

images are from the getty via yahoo.

charlie brown’s shirt

The zigzag line on the building.

building and billboard

The ad has to to with The World Cup, only 22 days away. I’ll have to find a way to watch some of the games. I ‘ll use the technique du jour (google and bittorrent). I also expect to see games via yourtube and yahoo webcast.

The Fresh Market

I guess it has been around since december; we only went there for the first time last saturday. Prices are ok, not exuberant. Selection is genereally good. We suspect this market is owned by The Home Depot, but they only stress that they were “Founded in 1982 by the Berry Family, The Fresh Market has grown to 47 stores…”

The Fresh Market, Coconut Grove


I love the Star Trek universe, its space-time continuum and its stories. Now I look forward to play its games. There have been many ST games released in the past (ST: Voyager Elite Force is highly rated); but I haven’t played any(I am eyeing many good deals on amazon). While we were watching Deep Space Nine few weeks ago, I often dreamt of participating in the narrative. Hopefully the new games that Bethesda Softworks are working on will provide me of the opportunity.

Bethesda is of course responsible for ElderScrolls4:Oblivion.

Here are some sceencaps.





st: legacy




This game is due to come out in september, for the PC and xbox360.


There used to be a cool four to five-story office building on this lot. but no more. Some demolition companies reduces/returns the lots in state that would inspire guys like Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer and Richard Long.

So Monday ight, I took this a few images on this lot, located near Morningside(a Miami neighborhood).

near Morningside.


I stumbled upon a book discussing Eugene Atget and his photographs, at the library. The Miami Beach regional branch of the library is very nice. Many of the books on the shelf are still new.

Atget’s photographs of Parisian street scenes are very intriguing. Apparently, they are his most ‘famous’ images. Atget seem to have capture the city’s stillness and poise; the moment before the city is fully awake and engaged. I can image his routine which would lead him and his camera on a sineous path throughout Paris; chasing the light, attuned to the moment and poise to capture the next shot.

Here are two images, probably shot the same day( at least the same year, 1924). The websites that I snatched these images from are calling the building in the background “the parthenon.”

eugeune atget pariseugeune atget paris 1924

Correction: I misidentified the building in the imgaes as the ‘parthenon,’ it’s clearly identified as the ‘pantheon’. My architectural education didn’t thoroughly cover France of the 18th century; though, it did introduced me the works of Boullee, Ledoux and Lequec. Pantheon to me refers to a Roman temple, but it makes total sense that in the Neoclassical period that a building partly modelled on the Roman Pantheon would be designed and build in Paris. It pretty much functionned as a temple of great men of France–serving as a burial place to Voltaire, Rousseau, Hugo, Dumas and the Curies(Marie being the first woman buried there).