Wendy Wischer – in search of … (cont.)

I really love this exhibition. The show is beautiful. The works (mixed media covered with mirror tiles and [showered with] light) are well placed in relation to the other works, the gallery space, and the viewers. This exhibition presents three (actually, five –the first sculpture is of three objects, Gemstones (part I, II and III)) sculptures with strong pull and a fluid, luminous space in-between the objects. On accepting Wischer’s invitation to search for magic, one’s movements are satellite-like – gently falling in the orbit of these sculptures. Angels and Ancestors (part III), which takes the form of a baobab tree, is especially dominant, with a strong gravitational attraction; space seemed to curve about it.

Also on view are a group of photographs titled Intermission. The are some images on the artist’s website.

some images of october’s wynwood

CriticalMiami has some photos of the gallery hop.

Here are our images of Vickie Pierre’s works at Ingalls, DeGuria at Snitzer’s Project Space, a detail at Kevin Bruk’s Project Space, Adam Shecter’s animation at Castillo, Phantasm at UM Project Space, dude on the street, Gambrell and Reedy at Dorsch’s and NIck D. Lobo at TwentyTwenty.

Faculty show at nwsa

I happen to be downtown today. Having time to kill before my appointment, I visited New World School of the Arts’s gallery. Here are some of the works.

Michael Loveland Carol Brown Susan Banks

Antonio A. Fernandez Loni Johnson Aramis O’Reilly

Karen Rifas Karen Rifas Susan Banks

Susan Banks