Exposition Park Rose Garden

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The Rose Garden is part of City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. Layout of the roses.

About the park, itself:

In the last decades of the 19th century, this 160-acre was a privately owned racetrack and fairgrounds. The park was jointly purchased in 1889 by the State of California, and the County and City of Los Angeles, and by 1909, a Beaux-Arts site plan emerged. The area, known then as Agricultural Park, was destined to become a new cultural center for the young city.

The County funded a museum and art gallery (which became the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County); the State funded an exposition building (now the north facade of the California Science Center) and an armory building; and the City pledged to maintain the grounds of the park, including the proposed sunken rose garden. In December 1910, the site’s name changed to Exposition Park, and later that month, cornerstones were laid for both the County museum building and the State exposition building. November 6, 1913, marked the beginning of a two-week, city-wide celebration that opened Exposition Park and its facilities, and the first day the new Museum opened to the public. The tripartite ownership and operation of the park and its structures, forged almost 100 years ago, is still in place today

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