We lost power Thursday, around 4:30pm, a couple of hours before Hurricane Katrina made landfall near the Miami-Dade – Broward county line. Someone needs to take FPL to task on this point. This pre-hurricane power failure issue was a bit lame. It’s definitely an argument for putting some power line underground.
Katrina, a catergory 1 hurricane, came, past and left us in the dark. We were underprepared, as were the rest of the city. Many trees toppled, around here, mainly Banyan (ficus). We fared well; we had the generosity of friends and family.
Katrina did go on to become a Category 5 hurricane. And places North of the Gulf of Mexico, like New Orleans, Biloxi and Gulf Port didn’t fare as well. They are going through devastation, from wind and flood, that renders our inconvenience to the degree of insignificance. As I write, NPR reports bad news to terrible news of tragedy and utter pain–no food, no drinkable water, no power, many people are missing, many of the dead are clearly visible and are on the street, looting in New Orleans, a little girl raped. It is crazy, scary and a bit unbearable. Martial law (state of emergency) has been declared. There is a real need out there. So I urge all to be a little bit less self-involved and help, anyway that you can.